Leverage your Creative Vision

& Put Your Best Pitch Forward

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Do you have a burning creative project you want to produce?

Can you imagine that the integrity of your vision itself is the blueprint?

Are you ready to share with and value the people who will help you do it?

Use your creative vision as your blueprint. Build your next proposal or pitch. Here.


Gather your forces and move forward

Welcome to Leveraging Your Creative Pitch!

In this hands-on, how-to course, you'll learn an approach to budgeting, perspectives and story that values and articulates your work brilliantly.

Usually, artists and creatives resign themselves to the process of asking for money. Not here. We’re going to leverage your vision in a way that connects with the people who stand to benefit the most.

Pitching and proposals are a big part of the freelancer's life. Learning how to use this process to realize your creative vision is essential for translating individual projects into a career.

How we're going to get there is methodical but unconventional. We start with your vision. Then we integrate it through a series of budgeting steps and perspectives.

We make work to matter, to communicate and share, right?

This process values your collaborators', audience's and funders' perspectives in ways that guide you in how to identify who to approach and how to communicate for mutual benefit .


What kind of artist or creative is this course for?

  • You could be a choreographer, filmmaker, project creator, fashion designer, milliner, writer, illustrator, a multi- or interdisciplinary creative who brings art forms together...

  • You might work with musicians, audio wizards, actors, kids, scientists, corporate teams, texts...

  • As director, designer, educator, editor, composer.

  • You might be in the community, online, on the ground, traveling the world, at home or in an unusual place with a unique perspective...

  • Or maybe your vision lies in using the arts to uncover social issues, combining art with science, politics, or religion.

If your creative vision is burning,

Plus you’re ready, you’re game, you’ve got the artistic and creative experience, and you’re aware that the wholeness of your vision is what can make a difference…

You are in the right place!


This course deep dives into the heart of your creative vision to bring up the treasures already there.

Leveraging Your Creative Vision includes and goes beyond grant writing, hunting for funders and free online or in person resources, which I've written about on my blog. This course uses your creative vision to inform each step. It doesn't matter if you're not a great writer. I give you that information for free. What's worth the $120 are the more than 30 lessons and exercises that walk you through the actual process of creating your proposal in a way that supports your vision and your life.

This course is designed to up your game at each step by:

  • starting with your creative vision as your blueprint
  • teaching you basic budgeting elements and a mini-course in spreadsheets
  • helping you build your proposal budget and narrative one step at a time in real-time
  • integrating your creative, audience and financial folks and
  • putting yourself into the equation

To get you to a position of confidence, clarity and preparation by:

  • matching your vision's story to your budget
  • leveraging your last creative project
  • and putting it all together into a potent pitch including budget and narrative.

Each lesson leads toward your active pitch. The material is scalable and adaptable to a variety of applications. Over time, you'll master the process to use in ways only you can dream up.

Join this course to Leverage your Creative Vision and pitch with integrity and finesse.


Learn anywhere, anytime

You can watch the videos and screencasts on your laptop, tablet or phone, and do the exercises digitally or on paper to master these building blocks. Learn at your own pace, and re-watch as many times as you like - they never expire! Plus, you'll have 24/7 access, and it's a fraction of the price of learning in the school of hard knocks or paying to learn each element alone.

Get additional help

Do you have questions about the lessons? Just ask in the comments section and you'll get personal feedback.


Harness your energy and vision right here, right now

  • Build your pitch in the course itself
  • Get your artistic/creative finances under control
  • Open your vision so others can jump in
  • Gain confidence
  • Communicate with super clarity
  • Put your work into the world

The course is like getting eight private lessons and an intensive workshop in one, and for a fraction of the cost of either. And it is interactive. You can ask me questions and let me know how you're doing.

Your Instructor

Rebekah West
Rebekah West

Hi! I'm Rebekah West, a working, internationally-traveling artist who has also worn the hats of arts director, grant panelist, and producer. I am passionate about developing artists' relationship with society and always have been. What have I pitched? This spring, my most recent pitches were to the Mayor of a tiny village in France and the French government to extend my artist visa for another three years so I can continue creating here in France. In the past, I have pitched locally (Colorado), nationally and internationally: television, publications, grants, artist residencies, exhibits, film screenings, arts-centered projects, a first failed (important!) and then successful Kickstarter campaign, public-private partnerships, and arts real estate matters - for myself, other artists, arts organizations, media, higher education, and municipal arts efforts. I work inside and outside of "the box" using avenues that already exist and forging new ones. I take risks and look for solutions - always. I have learned from my successes AND my failures, from jealousy and confusion AND from confidence and clarity. I'm not perfect, but I know my sh*. Artistically, I'm composing original music in a 16th century chapel, post-producing a photo-text project based on an antique bed I found hidden in the forest, and starting to edit a tango video. In the past two years, I've had six photography exhibits, given two dozen local concerts, recorded and produced one CD and recorded for a second, and performed a 15-city concert tour in France and the US. Because giving other artists skills to make a real go of it has been a life-long mission, my courses translate my hard-won skills into step-by-step lessons, exercises, and real-life applications for you. I long for our mutual success in giving what is absolutely sacred, the results of our creative fires. And I'm here with you, answering your questions, cheering you on.



Course Studio - Creative Vision

What is Pitching?

Put your vision into words (story/narrative)

Elements of a Budget

What's sexy about a budget?

Spreadsheet mini-lesson

Learn and integrate: income, expenses & balancing, in-kind contributions, contingency fund, and line-item budgeting

Integrate these elements into your story/narrative

The gap IS the bridge - Unconventional approach

Why multiple perspectives matter

Screencasts in budgeting: collaborators, audiences, potential financial partners

Identify qualities of your potential financial partners so you can find them

Integrate perspectives into your story/narrative

Put yourself in the equation

Learn criteria for getting paid, your role and value

Integrate yourself into your evolving budget and story/narrative

Connecting budget to story

How they work together on your behalf

Integrate your budget into your story/narrative and vice versa

Real numbers, showing proof and managing change

Budget research, quotes and images

Change: Managing an evolving budget and show it in your pitch

Integrate proofs into your budget and story/narrative

Creative vision to creative life

Pitch to build your career

Integrate your creative trajectory into this pitch, budget and story/narrative

The Pitch

Grant writer tools

Hone in on "the ask"

Put the last touches on your pitch budget and story/narrative

Frequently Asked Questions

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How long does it take to do the course?
It's really up to you! The course is broken down into eight lessons over six weeks including video, screencast and pdf lessons, and exercises to do, on each topic. You'll get one lesson a week so you can finish in six weeks if you want, or longer, whatever suits you. And, you can always go back and re-watch again.
When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 15 days and we will give you a full refund.

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